Gait'n Junction

W. M. "Del" Petty, DVM, MD

    Grand Junction, Colorado

   Phone: (970) 241-1152


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       Rocky Mountain Horses   RMHA

      Kentucky Mountain Horses    KMSHA

       Spotted Mountain Horse  SMHA

      Spotted Saddle Horse  sshbea

  Racking Horse Breeders' Assoc of America   RHBAA                      

   EZD Falcon Rowdy Line of Speed Single-footers      

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Speed, too, if that is your desire 

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Del has been breeding and training gaited horses and mules for over 65 years. Currently he raises Rocky Mountain, Kentucky Mountain, Spotted Mountain and Spotted Saddle horses along with the EZD's Falcon Rowdy line of speed single-footing horses plus a few gaited mules.

Objectives: To breed, train and sell, smooth-gaited, well-mannered horses and mules suitable for trail, parades, driving and show.  Animals are imprinted at birth and started from Day One.  Click on Colt & Mule Starting Techniques to view starting process.                     


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